For all who have served, we all have injuries, a little sore knees, back pain that comes and goes. You know wet weather is coming because your joints hurt. Nightmares that come back to haunt you, memory loss, tinnitus, hypervigilance and….
You continue the mission with a little pain in your back and shoulders because your backpack is far too heavy, but you have no choice because you have the radio which is an essential element for the mission.
You finish your 13km despite your blisters, because you thought your new boots were ready for a long walk.
You walk in front and behind the patrol, you take care of everyone's well-being before your own, you have equipment to take care of others. You are the last to go to bed, the first to get up to make sure everyone is well or to treat them. Your backpack weighs a ton, you keep going, because you're the Medic.
You are able to laugh although you have been soaked to the skin for a few days and one of them falls in the face in a mud hole! Yes our legendary sense of humor.
Here's why I keep my broken cup, it still has a use, I have to adapt to it despite its broken handle, I'm able to drink my coffee. I tried to pick up the pieces, but without success perhaps a lack of knowledge on my part.
Some said to me, throw away your cup, it's broken… uh no!
Although my cup is broken and scratched, I take great care of it, as I am able to drink coffee from it.
Maybe you are unfit for service, having difficulty adjusting to civilian life and many other challenges, there will always be someone to listen to you.

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