Our mission :

The Steel Pot Coffee cie, is a coffee honoring Canadian military and veterans. A portion of the proceeds per bag sold under the Steel Pot banner will go into a fund to help Canadian veterans and military in need. That's the way to say at Steel Pot Cafe "I got your six brothers and sisters".

Our values:

Mutual aid


The Café Steel Pot company was founded in 2017 by an active soldier (Christian Thibault) now the sole shareholder and a veteran both members of the very famous Royal 22e Régiment in order to give back to their brothers and sisters in arms ...

How ? Well, $ 1 per bag sold goes to a fund to help veterans and military families in need, Café Steel Pot will always be there to help its community.

This idea came to mind when in the United States the principle already existed. So we had the idea that in Quebec we are no dumber than in the United States and that we could give back directly to the military community while putting them forward instead of the owners of Café Steel Pot. . We are at work which will give birth to the company Café Steel Pot.

The military community is very important to the two associates of Café Steel Pot. We can see on the Café Steel Pot Facebook page that the military and veteran community is put forward in both images and text.

Why Steel Pot coffee? At the time in the Canadian armed forces the steel helmet, before the advent of Kevlar, had the nickname "Steel Pot" this famous steel helmet was sometimes used in the field or on the battlefield to boil water either for shaving, for washing in the countryside and / or even for making a morning coffee ...

The brands of Café Steel Pot, original blend or Stand To, Black Powder and our Kcups are blends worthy of those who have served under the flags.

To pay tribute to fallen soldiers, Café Steel Pot pays tribute to them by creating the Souvenir Mix

Today the adventure continues by helping the veteran and military community by selling their products online at www.cafesteelpot.ca and by providing some restaurant and commercial banners.

Donation of $ 1,232 to the Vigil

Home with accommodation, LA VIGILE is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help women and men wearing uniforms or any other adult person with problems.

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