About us

Our mission :

Steel Pot Coffee is a company that roasts, sells and distributes coffee and clothing for individuals and businesses. Steel Pot products are available across Canada.

Proud of its origins, Steel Pot gives back to the veteran community by supporting the entrepreneurship of former military personnel or supporting charities for veterans, law enforcement and first responders.



Steel Pot, a company recognized as an active corporate citizen in society, supporting and showcasing the importance of service, sacrifice and the work done by military, law enforcement and first responders. Steel Pot is a bridge between the veteran community and the civilian community.

Our values ​​:

The excellence of its products and customer service

Resilience in the face of the unthinkable

The courage to face up and move forward by reinventing yourself

Mutual aid by supporting the community of veterans

THE NAME Steel pot

In the Canadian Armed Forces, the steel helmet before the advent of Kevlar was nicknamed "Steel Pot". This famous steel helmet was, in addition to its protective function, often used by soldiers deployed in the countryside or on the battlefield to boil water for
shaving, washing in the countryside but also to prepare
morning coffee.


Steel Pot Coffee was founded in 2017 by Dominique April and Christian Thibault, two veterans of the very famous Royal 22e Régiment (Vandoos) with the aim of supporting and helping their brothers and sisters in arms.

The idea came to them while they were observing, in the United States, companies and projects with similar objectives: so why not here! This is the beginning of the Steel Pot Coffee adventure.

It is by donating a portion of the profits to charities for veterans, law enforcement and first responders that Steel Pot expresses its immense respect to this community.

Steel Pot Coffees come in several flavors reminiscent of the highlights of military life: Warrant Officer-Ruling Awakening, Stand To, Black Powder, M-777 Expresso, Decaffeinated B.F.A and our K-cup M-67 Frag- box combine coffee blends worthy of those who served in the army.

To pay tribute to fallen soldiers, Steel Pot Coffee offers a special blend each year to mark Remembrance Day.

The Steel Pot adventure continues its evolution by becoming the Steel Pot Roasters by roasting each of its original blends. Steel pot persists in its determination to offer products worthy of soldiers. The desire to support the community of veterans and soldiers, as well as to highlight their dedication to the community, is always at the heart of its activities.

Je me souviens

The Steel Pot team.

Donation of $ 1,232 to the Vigil

Home with accommodation, LA VIGILE is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help women and men wearing uniforms or any other adult person with problems.