Coffee and financing, an essential duo

Café Steel pot helps you organize your fundraising campaign.

It's simple and profitable!

You want to finance your NPO, sports team, a student travel project, whatever your motivation, we offer you an easy solution and an effective means of financing for your fundraising.

Selling quality bags of coffee and spices is easy!

You can sell the bags individually, door to door or install displays in businesses sensitive to your cause.

The advantages of selling Steel pot coffee and/or spices:

  • That’s 6 to 8 times fewer transactions for the same profit as chocolate or something else.
  • Products that can be identified with the name of your organization or cause. (Depending on the quantity chosen)
  • A profit margin of 30 to 40% depending on the quantity and type of product (Coffee and/or spices)
  • The artisanal roastery quality of our range of coffees
  • A large selection of personalized blends
  • Our coffee is available in beans, ground or in Keurig capsules (Frag-box K-Cup of 24 or 30 capsules)
  • The spices are offered in 70 grams format (3 blends available)

The counter display and its options:

  1. 8 bags of 340g filter grind coffee
  2. 6 bags of 650g of coffee beans
  3. 30 bags of spices
  4. The coffee spice mixture to your preference

Why Steel Pot Coffee ?

Coffee is considered the second most consumed drink after water: two out of three people on the planet drink coffee , that's nearly 2.5 billion cups of coffee per day!

Proud of its origins, Café Steel Pot gives back to the veteran community by supporting entrepreneurship or supporting charitable associations.