Parade of honor for soldiers and veterans!

I heard, the parade begins!
I approached the tunnel to see the motorcycles paraded.
During the parade, I was next to a lady who didn't know our traditions at all.
With the music I leaned over to tell him it was a tribute to Canadian military and veterans
I will also add a tribute to the families who supported us during all our years of service, deployments, in the transition and life after the army.
I watched in silence as the motorbikes paraded by to the sound of Amazing Grace

I have a thought for the fallen soldiers, some who left us too quickly because of an illness and those who decided that it was over.
At the end of the parade, I turn to the lady who has tears in her eye and she tells me that it was very emotional
 I replied: Yes, really!
But I don't know if she noticed when I answered her that I had a tremolo in my voice and that my sunglasses hid my watery eyes.
She left and I said thank you for stopping by.
We often say we should have a coffee together
 now I say it's when we're going to have a coffee! Life goes too fast, you have to take the time.
I remember

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